Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The IQAC of the college shall function in accordance with the norms laid by NAAC and KTU, to ensure quality in every relevant field through continuous improvement with assessment, feedback, evaluation and the appropriate follow up actions taken.

Composition of IQAC

IQAC shall function under the Chairmanship of the Head of the institution with representatives of important academic and administrative units, representative of management, few distinguished educationists/ industrialists/distinguished members of major professional bodies, representatives of local management and stakeholders.

The composition of the IQAC shall be as follows:

1. Chairman : Principal
2. One representative of the Management : The Director of CAPE
3. Teachers to represent all level : (Three to eight) nominated by the staff meeting
4. Senior administrative official of the college.
5. One senior nonteaching staff of the college nominated by the staff meeting
6. One nominee from local society active in socio-cultural activities
7. PTA Vice-President
8. One nominee each of Alumni from different academic departments
9. One nominee each from Educationist /Industrialists/ distinguished member of reputed professional bodies
10. The chairman/general secretary of the college Union as nominated by the college union Council.
11. One of the senior teachers as the coordinator/Director of the IQAC

The continuous activities of the IQAC will be conducted by an executive committee comprising:

1.The Principal as the chairperson
2.Teachers to represent all level
3. Senior administrative official
4. Coordinator/Director of IQAC

Contact - IQAC

Co-ordinator: Rajeesh J, Professor and Head, Department of Electronics and Communication

Email :