Parent Teachers Association

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is formed with a view to maintain effective interaction between the parents and the college authorities. The PTA is giving considerable assistance for improving the facilities in the college. For the benefit of both students and faculty members, PTA has undertaken a number of development programs.A Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A) is actively functioning in the college.

The objectives of the association are :

PTA executive committee

No. PTA Designation Name, Desination Contact Number
01 President Dr Bindu S J, Principal 9447150400
02 Vice President Mr. Gopakumar P.K., Parent 940019550
03 Secretary Mr.Rahul Charles C M,(AP IN EEE) 7907839949
04 Executive Member Ms. Dhanya M,(AP IN ECE) 9447013719
05 Executive Member Mr. Shamnad M ,(AP IN ME) 9495805914
06 Executive Member Mr. Suneer.K.S,(AP IN ME) 9895872333
07 Executive Member Mr. Sudheendran.T.S ,(TRADE INSTRUCTOR GRADE II EEE) 9995079599
08 Executive Member Mr.Venu P,(TRADE INSTRUCTOR GRADE II ECE) 9746917561
09 Executive Member Mr. Saji Mon .A (PARENT) 9446527040
10 Executive Member Mr. Poulose T.S (PARENT) 8547293952
11 Executive Member Mr.B.Sidhartha .B.Ashan (PARENT) 8606413233
12 Executive Member Mr. Chandrabhanu.B (PARENT) 7356247171
13 Executive Member Ms.Sunitha Sunil (PARENT) 9910943328