College provides sports facilities in various sports and games within the college campus and outside the campus. Future of a nation is healthy only when its people are physically fit and strong. Sports and games activities form an integral part of education here. Yoga and Meditation classes are conducted to inculcate self-discipline and self-control. While Yoga keeps the body fit and active, meditation provides mental agility which is essential while pursuing strenuous professional courses. CEP lays adequate stress on physical fitness and mental agility. Students of CEP have won laurels and have entered the institution's hall of fame with their achievements. Games like; Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton and Basketball are regularly played in the campus. The college has a permanent Volleyball court, Football field, Cricket field, Net practice cage, Outdoor and Indoor Badminton, Handball court and Basketball court. The college participates in KTU Intercollegiate Zonal Tournaments as well as Inter-zone competitions in Football, Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Volleyball, Handball, Kho-Kho and Softball. Trained professionals offer coaching in various sports disciplines. Exceptionally talented students are encouraged to take special sports coaching. Today sports are being looked upon as an alternate career option.

Physical Education Department Faculty

Sri. Lalu S
Assistant Professor
Phone: 9446835911

The Major Infrastructure Facilities

  • Football ground
  • Cricket Field
  • Net practice cage for cricket
  • Shuttle court (Both outdoor and indoor)
  • Volleyball court
  • Basketball court
  • Handball court
  • Kho-Kho field

College have the following teams in various Games activities

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Shuttle Badminton (Men and Women)
  • Handball (Men and Women)
  • Basketball (Men and Women)
  • Kho-Kho
  • Softball
  • Chess (Men and Women)
  • Kabaddi (Men and Women)
  • Karate (Men and Women)


Ansaf Salim of S1 CS represented KTU in the Inter University Karate team in the year 2021-22

S. Pranav of S5 CS represented KTU Rifle Shooting team 2021-22

Bharath Biju of S3 ME, prize winner of College Men Karate Interzone.

Adheela of S3 Mech represented KTU Kabaddi team and participated in the South Zone Inter University Competition 2022-23

Women karate-3rd place Chithra of S1 CS

Sree Vinayak of S5 Mech selected to represent the KTU Handball team.

Individual Achievements

No. Name Department
1 ANSAF SALIM S1 CS Participated in Inter-University Karate Competition held at Hyderabad in the year 2021-22
2 S. PRANAV S5 CS Participated in Inter-University Rifle Shooting Competition held at Meerat in the year 2021-22
3 ADHEELA.S S3 ME Participated in Inter-University Kabaddi Championship held at Chennai in the year 2022-23
4 SREE VINAYAK S5 ME Selected to represent KTU Inter University Handball Team 2022-23

Team Achievements

No. Games Zone Inter-zone Year
1 Badminton (Men) IInd place Participated 2022-23
2 Badminton (Women) IIIrd place Participated 2022-23
3 Handball (Men) IInd place IIIrd place 2022-23
4 Handball (Women) IIIrd place - 2022-23
5 Kho-Kho (Men) IInd place Participated 2022-23
6 Basketball (Women) IIIrd place - 2022-23
7 Kabaddi (Women) Ist place Participated 2022-23
8 Karate (Men) Bharath Biju IInd and IIIrd place 2022-23
9 Karate (Women) Chitra.S IIIrd place 2022-23
10 Chess (Men and Women) Participated - 2022-23
11 Basketball (Men) Participated - 2022-23


College Cricket team

College Tug of War team

College Handball team

College Women Basketball team

College KHO-KHO team

College Volleyball team

College Football team

College Women Handball team

College Men Basketball team

College Women Kabaddi team

College Men Badminton team

College Men Kabaddi team

College Women Badminton team

College Softball Men team