Department of Applied Science

About the Department

This department is particularly set up for I and II Semesters.Applied Science and Humanities , a non-engineering department specialising various fields like Mathematics, Physics , Chemistry , Humanities , Management , Environmnetal Science and Civil Engineering. The AS&H department has well qualified faculties including Professors, Visiting Professors and Lecturers. For exploring this fast developing engineering field, to the maximum extend possible, this department has taken all measures to make available the best facilities.

Sri.Romy Roy

Message from HOD

Greetings to all!

Welcome to the Department of Applied Science. I feel ecstatic to introduce you to Department of Applied Sciences, which is the foundation of Engineering. Department of Applied Sciences strives for increasing the knowledge, enhancing the critical thinking, ability to change information into knowledge and power of analyzing the things technically of each and every individual of ever changing society through students. The inclusion of subjects of Applied Sciences such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Communication Skills in engineering is mandatory. We take pride in the fact that our department has the strength of highly qualified and seasoned faculty to guide the students in every domain of technical education making them familiar with all areas. Thus the Department of Applied Sciences acts as a fertilizer to develop a good base for student’s studies, personality and skills.

Best Wishes.

Faculty Members

No. Name Designation Qualification Phone No. E-mail
1 Sri. Romy Roy Assistant Professor (Maths) & HOD MSc,NET 9447659638
2 Dr.P.S Rajendran Associate Professor (Maths)
3 Smt. Thushara S L Assistant Professor (Maths) MSc, BEd 7025494408
4 Dr. Sidharth Sharma.S.K Assistant Professor (Maths) MSc, PhD 9744209809
5 Smt. Rehina Sharafudeen Assistant Professor (English) MA,BEd,SET 9497270070
6 Smt. Haritha.H Assistant Professor (Physics) MSc 9495969732
7 Sri. Lalu S Assistant Professor (Phy.Edu.) M.Ped 9446835911

Supporting Staff

No. Name Designation Phone No. E-mail
1 Smt. Resma R. Lab Assistant (Chemistry) 8075357382
2 Smt. Anjali A.K. Lab Assistant (Physics) 9562229697
No. Name of laboratory Room No Faculty in charge Technical staff in charge
1 Chemistry Lab G9 Arya Charles Resma R
2 Physics Lab Haritha S Anjali A K