Advisory System

A staff member will be assigned to each class of students as their Class Advisor. The Class Advisor will maintain a dossier of personal details of all the students under him/her and will guide the students in all curricular, co- curricular, and extra curricular activities during their entire course.

B.Tech Class Advisors

Class Name of the Advisor Contact No.
CSE-A-2021 Mr.RATHEESH S 8547427518
CSE-B-2021 Ms. Smitha C.S 9446794749
EEE -2021 Ms.EDWINA G RODRIGUES 9526391325
ECE-A-2021 Ms. ANJU V GOPAL 9447958242
ECE-B-2021 Ms. SMRITHI. V 9446119070
ME- 2021 Mr. SUDEEP DINESH 9746930925
CIS - 2021 Ms. Suja Rani M S 9495918218
CSE-A- 2020 Mr. MUHAMMED NIZAR B.K 9747125560
CSE-B- 2020 Mr. VARUN CHAND H 9037939080
EEE- 2020 Ms. SARITHA M 9526018778
ECE-A-2020 Ms. ARCHA A B 9947061894
ECE-B-2020 Mr. MUKUNDAKUMAR M 8075714950
ME-2020 Mr. SHAMNAD M 9495805914
CIS-2020 Mr. AJISH S 9447789825
CSE-2019 Ms. SOWMYA K S 8547359491
IT-2019 Ms. SURYA S R 9446556505
EEE- 2019 Ms. JASMI M S 9497361252
ECE-A-2019 Ms. JASNA K 9446361878
ECE-A-2019 Mr. AJITH A 9995295599
ME-2019 Mr. SYAMKUMAR G 9497137744
CSE-2018 Mr. SIDHIK A 9995448313
IT-2018 Ms. SUJA VIJAYAN 9846372722
ECE-2018 Mr. DINU A G 9495167631
EEE-2018 Ms. AJISHA S 9447790928
ME-2018 Mr. JITHIN V M 9447449649

M.Tech Class Advisors

No. Class Name of the Advisor Contact No.
1 S3 CIS Ms. Sujarani.M.S 9495918218